Its hard at first,

but once you get the feel of it,

Its not that difficult- William Shakespeare

Its okay to fall apart for a little while

you don't have to pretend

to be strong, and there is no need to constantly prove that everything is going well.

Life is fragile sudden, and shorter, and shorter than it often seems,

so spend your time wisely today

and pause long enough to appreciate it,

Every moment is a gift.

Don't waste time by dwelling on unhappy things.

All that is in the world is the

lust of the flesh,

the lust of the eye and boastful pride of life.

you don't have to waste your life on fatal success of this world.

God comes first.

Life is never measured by the years you have, but the carrying you do.

the cheer and love you shared,

and the happy people whose hearts,

you touched.

God gives and forgives,

Men gets and forgets.

7 Rules to be Happy.

Never hate.

Don't worry.

Live simple.

Expect a little.

Give a lot 

Always smile. 

Have a great friend like me.

what is true happiness!!!!!!

In life,we have a lot to lose and 
very little to choose......... 
whenever you get a chance to choose 
do it wisely and see that you never lose  what you choose.

Life can be happier and stress less 
if we remember one simple thought 
we can't have all that we desire 
but God will give us all that we need.

Feeling inspired....

Whatever it is you may be going 
Through, whatever the challenge you
May be facing, whatever it is that's stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals,it's just a matter of time that 
You will overcome these temporary obstacles.

So reclaim the life you were mean't to live.
Take Action, use the power you get 
From inspiration to get closer to your goals.

Feeling inspired and just thinking 
About it won't do anything 
It's when you use that motivation 
To make a change,
That's when life starts to look brighter

Phillimon International Writer

we all know that most challenges 
causes us pains, hardships, and or 
discomfort of some kind and because 
of this, it is very hard for us to appreciate challenges and what they bring to our lives

God is the best