water in the big rivers

Animals and birds in a 

great joy,

People singing with a loud voices

The year has come,

The year of plenty and success

The land is green and beautiful

Grass is waving with joy,

people united, and live in peace

children playing on the street

They are afraid no more

peace covered their land.

Author Notes.

Let the peace

reign in our Nations.x

"Woke up"

You people, be attentive

And well

Why are you sleeping

Woke up

The day is already shining

Come and see

The goodness of the sunshine.

People are rejoicing

And they enjoy the work

Of their hands

Hard work is a journey

Nothing comes easy

Hard work and future

Season is on the way.

Author Notes.

Perseverance is the great element of success. Hard work pays.

Woke up and do it, you can.

You may feel down

You may feel down 

Feeling like giving up

But you must rise forth

And continue to move forward

Move in faith towards your purpose

It may feel painful now,

But your purpose is being

Formed through your pains

You shall soon see it was;

Worth it.

Author Notes.

Whatever situation you are going through, it's just a test

And you will pass and be strong.

Feel good all the time

It is impossible to feel 
All the time 
It is possible to try,
But try to stay positive 
And be happy,
Love others as you love yourself
find happiness in difficult times,
Always smile 
And look cheerful,
Life is too short
So don't waste it.

Author Notes.
Let us not become tired of doing good.
The season will come to reap the harvest.
Have faith in the Lord and do good.
wisdom is calling 

young people listen 
wisdom is calling out 
making you wise 
It says,never give'up 
Be strong and courageous.

Don't become weary for doing 
what is good,
The season is coming to reap 
the harvest;
Love wisdom like your sister 
And embrace her as your brother.

Author Notes.
How wonderful and marvelous to have wisdom and knowledge. wisdom will make you wise and interpret hidden things.....
You are the future

You are the future
You are young and ambitious 
Joy is like education to you 
The hidden treasure 
Great things are waiting for you.

Energy is what you need 
To move on with your life 
You need an encouragement 
With nice words 
You can do it 
You are the future.

Author Notes.
Discipline is a habit not something 
that you can apply whenever 
you feel like it.
you are the future.........
woke up.
My Pains

Having sat down alone 
with a broken heart 
They make me look so weak 
helpless and nobody 
With dull mind 
thinking not.

Author Notes.
Be strong and courageous...
fight stress all the time.

"why you recite my commandments"

The Lord said to the wicked

why you read my instructions 

and hate to control by it.

you read the bible 

and after you don't do 

what the bible has said 

you hate what the Lord 

has commanded 

you refuse what the bible instruct.

But you Read and study it 

and God asked 

why you read my commandments 

and hate my instructions.

The bible says 

do not steal, but you steal 

the bible says 

do not commit adultery, but you commit adultery,

the bible says_,  do not lie, but you lie 

the bible says; do not covet, but you covet,

the bible says, do not murder, but you murder.

Author Notes:

obey God's commands, don't just read. God is going to judge us.

Be careful. Be Doers of the word,

not just hearers.

Obey your parents 

you will never succeed in life 

if you don't obey your parents 

obey your parents 

It is the right thing to do 

Don't curse your father and mother.

Parents have blessings for their children 

Disobedience is the key to death 

Be generous to your mother 

you will long live in the land 

Respect and obedience are the key to 


Author Notes:

It's really hurt to see young people disobeying their parents.

A wise mature person

How good to be wise
A wise mature person
Is known for his understanding
His word feed many
The words of wise man
Heal the Nations.

A wise mature person
Always speaks wisely 
Everything that God promises him 
He write them down 
And educate others 
when he open his mouth 
Blessings comes down.

A wise mature person 
Hate evil and love what is good 
He always tell the truth 
He rebuke, correct and 
Guide with great enthusiasm 
There is no falsehood 
From his mouth.

Author Notes:
A wise mature person is known for his understanding.. this poem is dedicated to my pastor
Oh, Youth of Today

oh, youth of today 
Blessed are the women 
Who never bore children 
The world is full of thorns 
How terrible for those 
who have many children.

oh, youth of today 
Children became monsters 
mothers bury their children 
now and then 
Children refuse to obey 
Good advices 
Darkness has come 
And chases the Light.

Author Notes:
Jesus turned to them and said 
"women of Jerusalem! Don't cry for me, but for yourselves and your children.
for the days are coming when people will say,'How lucky are the women who never bore babies, who never nursed them!'
Luke 23:28-30!!!!!!